529 Class

Tree City Advisors and IDeal have partnered with CapEd to educate Members on the IDeal 529 Plan - Idaho's College Savings Program.


Learn the benefits of using the Idaho 529 plan over plans offered in other states, what are ‘qualified’ expenses, and what happens if a child doesn’t go to college. The class will also explain how Idaho’s 529 plan works, how easy it is to use, and answer all of your “what if’ questions.  


It’s not just for those newly saving for college, either! If you have a 529 plan with another state, you can benefit from the easy move to Idaho's IDeal 529: A great way to save money for college in a tax-advantaged way.

If you live in the Gem State, and utilize the Idaho 529 Plan, you can take advantage of a state tax deduction of up to $12,000 per couple, per year. The Idaho 529 plan is set up directly, and does not include any broker commissions, keeping the costs low and maximizing savings.

If you live in Idaho, but were sold an out-of-state 529 plan by a broker, you may be paying unnecessary fees, and missing out on state tax deductions.

IDeal is Idaho’s 529 Plan established by the state in 2000, and administered by the Idaho College Savings Program Board.

IDeal’s mission is to help Idaho families make saving for college and other post-secondary programs a reality. Visit IDSAVES.org for more details and to see if it's a better option for you and yours.

Wednesday, February 28

6:00 pm

CapEd Credit Union Classroom, Meridian (275 S. Stratford Dr.)


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