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Attain Your

Financial Goals

Attain Your

Financial Goals


Planning is an intimate process to help identify what matters to you. Finances, family, leisure – goals are unique to each of us.



Each of our clients are taken through a discovery process, giving you a 100% personalized strategy.

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Every one of our advisors act in YOUR best financial interest. Always.

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We give you the tools and the knowledge you need to reach your financial goals. The best part? It's free!

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Brian Wiley Financial Advisor Portrait

Brian started Tree City Advisors on the understanding that everyone has different goals. Whether it's a financial goal, health, or creating more time to enjoy life and loved ones, Tree City Advisors was created to help people focus on the success they value most. Brian’s vision was to create a practice with no product sales or conflicted advice. Rather, he wanted to focus on the reason he became an advisor in the first place – working for his clients and their interests.

Brian Wiley
Financial Advisor, Founder


Our Advisors

Jeremiah Bates, CCO, Financial Advisor

Jeremiah Bates

Financial Advisor

Alexandra Lundgren, AIF, Financial Advisor

Alexandra Lundgren, AIF®

Financial Advisor

Nic Daniels, BFA, Financial Advisor

Nic Daniels, BFA™

Financial Advisor

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