Tree City Advisors is a firm built on a single interest: the client.

We regard advocacy in the financial advisory industry as a neglected practice. We believe our clients deserve tailored planning, curated coaching and education, and carefully personalized advice. There are times when clients require protection, and as your financial advocate we stand with you to safeguard your interests. Our extensive network of trusted independent specialists can ensure you find qualified assistance for many significant life events. 


Wealth is much more than numbers, and so are each of our clients.

Every Tree City Advisors client is taken through an individualized planning process. We know that wealth has a different meaning to each person. If wealth represents “fullness”, then it can be applied to many areas of your life. Fullness in finances, time, family, career, health, or leisure is unique to each of us. Planning is an intimate process to help identify what matters to you. Second, a good plan results in the development of a logical path toward your goals. Third, your plan includes a monitoring policy to regularly assess your progress and protect your efforts.



Our goal is to help you attain your goals.

Tree City Advisors provides asset-based discretionary money management services: we invest your assets on your behalf. Our Discovery process begins with detailed planning assessment, outlining goals, and establishing a timeline. We assess your risk exposure and tolerance, and create an efficient investment plan. Investment costs and fees are always transparent and clearly explained. Goals and benchmarks are addressed at each meeting. Clients are never tied to a commitment of time or locked into a contract. 

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