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PERSI Choice 401(K)

At Tree City Advisors, we believe an educated investor is a  successful investor. 


Prior to joining Tree City Advisors, Ali Belden spent four years working with PERSI members and the PERSI Choice 401k as retirement plan counselor helping participants make educated decisions.


Ali is excited to provide fiduciary service and share the wealth of knowledge and skills she has acquired with TCA and our clients.


When you start contributing to the PERSI Choice 401(k) your money is invested in the PERSI Total Return Fund, which is considered a moderate allocation, and  mirrors the PERSI Base plan. You can make changes to you allocation at any time for no cost. A moderate investment strategy may not be appropriate based on your time horizon and risk tolerance. Below are a few examples of risk-based and goal-based portfolios using the funds available in your PERSI Choice 401(k). 




Tree City Advisors LLC provides comprehensive fee-only asset-based money management and financial planning. Offering free initial comprehensive consultation, free second opinion of existing asset management, asset management, and financial planning.


Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.


Have questions or want to create a financial plan?

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