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The POWER 💪 of Compound Interest 📈


Compound Interest: Greatest Invention of All Time?


Turning $1,000 into MILLIONS for Your Retirement ⏯️

Accruing $1 Million for your retirement is not so far out of reach – regardless of your income. Nic shows how to utilize the power of time and compound interest to grow small, monthly investments into a comfortable retirement. All you need is $1,000 and $100 per month... and maybe a little bit of luck 🤞

Compound interest can be thought of as having interest on top of interest. In other words, your money grows at an accelerated rate – faster than it would with simple interest (simple vs. compound interest). This accelerated growth is caused by the calculated interest on the principal amount, plus any previously accrued interest. THIS is what grows your wealth.

Learn more about compound interest...

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