Catch Brian Wiley and our other advisors live on Sundays and five days a week on The Real Money Pros. The show is hosted, collaboratively, by experts who specialize in investing and financial planning, mortgages and credit, estate planning and legal issues, life and health insurance, and taxation. Whether the topics are breaking news, local business, Washington or Wall Street, The Real Money Pros can help you understand the issues and give you the ability to make your own decisions.

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At Tree City Advisors, we’ve built relationships with qualified and capable professionals in industries adjacent to financial planning and investment services. We work closely with estate planning attorneys, tax professionals, health plan administrators, local banks, and more. These relationships allow us to offer quick, comprehensive information, and better help our clients receive experienced advice from trusted sources.

Knowledge Group


CapEd Credit Union,

Estate Planning and Contract Law

Steven Rausch,

Health and Life Insurance

Steve Marsh, 


Hazen Armstrong,

Payroll, Employer Compliance, and Human Resources

Steve Cilley,