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Tree City Advisors of Apollon is a firm built on a single interest: the client.

We regard advocacy in the financial advisory industry as a neglected practice. We believe our clients deserve tailored planning, curated coaching and education, and carefully personalized advice. There are times when clients require protection, and as your financial advocate we stand with you to safeguard your interests. Our extensive network of trusted independent specialists can ensure you find qualified assistance for many significant life events.

Tree City Advisors of Apollon provides comprehensive,

Asset-Based Money Management & Financial Planning.


You get to know us,

we get to know you.


No obligations.


We help you reach YOUR goals. As fiduciaries, your success is our first priority.


Your lifestyle is unique. Let's make your finances work for YOU!

This approach reflects our commitment to fiduciary principles and our sincere investment in every client. Navigating your financial future can be daunting, emotional, and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you want to retire early, travel the world, ensure inheritance for your children, or simply live comfortably within your means, we can help.

Tree City Advisors of Apollon Team
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